Bluewater Canoe Club

River Proficiency

It is a CSA (Canoeing South Africa) rule that if you intend to paddle down a flowing river that you need to be river proficient. CSA have also stated quiet clearly that testing must be done on flowing water.

The criteria to become river proficient are as follows:

~ You need 5 official 18km race results

~ You must do a boat orientation in the K1 in which you are doing your river proficiency

~ You need to complete your practical river proficiency on flowing water in a K1 canoe with the club safety officer present

~ A theory test must be completed and submitted to the club safety officer

Should you require your river proficiency, please contact:

Mr Andre Pienaar

083 293 6601

Mrs Nicky Grobler

082 885 1399

Dr Ben Garrett

072 190 2728